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The WDB Trust’s core focus is asset based community projects underpinned by its Enterprise Development Unit, Literacy Programme and other livelihood programmes.

The WDB Trust is also the sole shareholder of WDB Investment Holdings which was established to create financial sustainability for the Trust’s beneficiary programmes.

The WDB Trust is responsible for capacity building and fund raising for its innovative development programmes that are aimed at improving the lives of rural women. They improve their lives through creation of sustainable businesses; women secure their own jobs in their businesses and create job opportunities for their communities.

Vision and Mission

The WDB Trust’s vision is to offer real hope to the women of South Africa to enable them to build a self-sustaining future.

WDB Trust’s mission is to use the existing skills, knowledge and capabilities that reside in the rural communities to empower rural women, resulting in improved livelihoods and sustainable growth and development, for them and their families.

Why our Focus?

In South Africa, women are less likely than men to receive formal schooling, but more likely to support dependents. Low levels of education and training deny many women access to decent employment opportunities.

The limited income that they consequently receive means that, as breadwinners, they cannot meet their families’ needs. As a result many women and their dependants remain trapped in poverty.

Poverty and crime go hand-in-hand, which puts women’s security at risk. With the creation of micro enterprises that generate sustainable income, these women can lift themselves out of poverty.

WDB Trust provides rural women from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to learn new technical and business skills, to support them and their families.

The Trust’s achieves this through its Enterprise Development programme and Basic Functional Literacy programmes which assist women entrepreneurs to create sustainable jobs for themselves and one or two other people in their communities.

Our History

Established in 1996, the WDB Trust (a not-for-profit Section 21 entity) has developed the following programmes which benefit rural women, namely:

  • a Business Development programme that provides women entrepreneurs with skills to help them run their businesses more efficiently.
  • an ICT programme that links women to technology through computer based literacy training and computer literacy programmes;
  • Livelihood programmes are community supported initiatives such as the poultry farming and agri-business training programmes that the Trust’s run.

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Success Stories

WDB has helped a number of women accross the country in various sectors.

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