The core business of the WDB Group is ensuring that rural women are given the tools to free themselves from the chains of poverty. Thus the WDB Trust allocates financial resources to women in rural areas through enterprise development programmes for the benefit of rural women and their families.

They improve their lives through creation of sustainable businesses; women secure their own jobs in their businesses and create job opportunities for their communities

WDB Organogram

The vision of the WDB Group is to “offer real hope to the women of South Africa to enable them to build a self-sustaining future”. The primary objective is that of supporting household security and improved livelihoods for rural women and their families.The WDB Trust funds numerous development programmes to deliver on this objective.

But why focus on women?

Increasingly women’s contribution, as workers, entrepreneurs and managers of family and community welfare is recognized as central to the ability of households, communities and the nation to tackle the crisis of meeting people’s survival and subsistence needs.

Nowhere is this contribution by women more evident than in the rural communities. In short, the WDB Group’s mission is to “strive to improve the livelihoods of South African women” because the economic empowerment of a woman has a far bigger impact on the family and children. This principle extends further as we have found that many clients who have started up businesses have expanded them to include their husbands, children and community members.

The WDB website is not only a showcase of the real impact we have made over the years, but will also tell you about our advocacy work for women’s rights; the portfolio of investments developed for the benefit of our rural women clients; and how you can get involved and support our efforts in improving the lives of women through sustainable poverty alleviation programmes.

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